Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kimbo Slice has UFC staying power

The ratings for the first edition of Spike TV's "The Ultimate Fighter: The Heavyweights," doubled the popular reality fighting series' usual numbers, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White said Tuesday.

There were 4.1 million viewers for the show's debut, and another million watched the replay. The major draw of the show is Kimbo Slice, the former YouTube street-fighting sensation who had a brief run in the short-lived Elite Xtreme Combat fighting organization that aired fights on CBS.

Although filming for "The Ultimate Fighter" is complete -- except for the finale to be aired live in December, with the winner earning a six-figure contract and membership in the UFC -- White told The Times that whether Slice wins or loses during the competition, he'll be in the UFC.

"Are you going to see Kimbo Slice fight again in the UFC? Yes," White said.

Asked if that was a decision based on the first episode's ratings, White said: "No, never. The ratings do not influence our decision. The guy can either fight or not."

White said one of the strongest endorsements he received about Slice's skill in the octagon came from former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, who's a coach in the show and told White he wants to continue working with Slice at his elite MMA training compound directed by respected trainer Greg Jackson in New Mexico.

"We've been very impressed with Kimbo's performance," added UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta.

Story credit: LA Times Sports Blog

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LEE ALLEN said...

Food for thought Kimbo. I think you would make a lotmore money in the boxing ring, and have much better success in the boxing ring compared to the ufc. Think about it Kimbo, when you were street fighting in backyards you were boxing without gloves. You really didn't have to worry about anyone taking down, kicking you in the face or laying over 250lbs of dead wait on top of you or on your arm. You look liked a fish out of water on the ultimater tonight. like Michael Jordan trying to baseball. Or Tiger Woods trying to play tennis. You have nothing to prove to Dana White or UFC fans. You know you can fight they know you can fight and the boxing world knows you can fight. The problem you can be the the best at any sport but if you are in the wrong place you can't shine or be the best. In boxing all you have to do is avoid punches and land hard punches, again no kicking no trying to avoid take downs and no crcifixing or submission hold or no one no one laying on top of you. all your focus would be on knocking someone out. That is speciality and that's what your fans want to see you do knock heads. You remind me of Mike Tyson, the eye of the tiger is not with you in the ufc. When you first came on the scene you could see the confidence, the boldness the attitude and thrill and excitment of a mikre tyson when you walked in the ring. If you get into boxing I belive get that spark again. You don't have go back school and learn how to crawl walk and talk all over again, like in the ufc you have learn ji jitsu and master the ground an pound game and all other types of karatee. In boxing all you have is fine tune what you allready no how to do. And that's KNOCK PEOPLE OUT. Love 2 Fans LeeAllen