Monday, December 15, 2008

Recent Kimbo Slice News

Is there any recent news about Kimbo Slice? I can't find anything new about him.

Is Kimbo Slice still training to fight in MMA?

Is Kimbo Slice ever going to fight again?

Is Kimbo Slice even still alive?

Ok that last one was sort of a joke. I am pretty sure he is still alive but it seems he has dropped off the face of the planet after his loss to Seth Petruzelli back in October.

Every website dedicated to Kimbo Slice that I have visited has no new updates or news about him. I can only assume he is still training and plans to fight again. One loss couldn't have ended his career. Or did it? I guess at this point nobody really knows.

He was an EliteXC fighter and they are no longer in business so maybe the problem is that he has nobody to fight for. Surely one of the other MMA fighting organizations would have some interest in picking him up. Just for the publicity if nothing else.

Well, as soon as I hear anything about Kimbo Slice I will post it here. If anyone who is reading this has some news please post a comment below to let us all know what is going on. Thanks!