Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kimbo Slice Loses to Roy Nelson

Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson results:

Kimbo Slice lost to Roy Nelson in the 2nd round by TKO (referee stoppage) in tonight's episode of the ultimate fighter heavyweights.

It was a pretty good fight with both fighters getting in some good shots, especially Kimbo, but the much more experienced Roy Nelson's ground game was too much for Slice to handle and he eventually got the better of him.

To be honest, I didn't expect Kimbo to win this fight since Roy Nelson has a lot of MMA experience and is a former IFL champion. However, even in losing Slice showed that he has definitely improved his MMA fighting ability and will be a force in the UFC some time the near future.

It was the most anticipated fight in the ultimate fighter history and it did not disappoint, even though it wasn't exactly a super exciting fight.

It's very apparent that Kimbo Slice still needs to drastically improve his ground game but I think you have to give him props for fighting so well against a much more experienced and extremely tough opponent.

He's also a great guy even when he loses!

Kimbo Slice Fights Tonight On The Ultimate Fighter

This is just a quick reminder that Kimbo Slice will be fighting Roy Nelson tonight on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson will finally be tested when he steps into the cage with former International Fight League (IFL) champion Roy "Big Country" Nelson.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 10pm/9c on Spike. The UFC has called this "the biggest fight in Ultimate Fighter history" so you definitely don't want to miss it!

Kimbo Slice versus Roy Nelson

Don't worry if you aren't able to watch it for whatever reason because we will post the fight updates here on the blog as soon as they happen.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kimbo Slice Says He's Training Hard for Next UFC Fight

UFC fans will finally see Kimbo Slice step into the Octagon on Wednesday night when his fight with Roy Nelson airs on The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV, and when Kimbo spoke with the media on Monday, he said he was pleased with how he did.

Kimbo, Nelson and the UFC have carefully avoided giving away any spoilers about the fight, which took place over the summer, but Kimbo did say, "I was impressed with my performance." And he indicated that he expects to have much better performances in the UFC down the road.

Kimbo said he's training at American Top Team -- one of the best MMA gyms in the world -- and that he expects to be better than ever for a likely UFC fight in December.

"I'm training at American Top Team," Kimbo said, adding that he plans to continue working at ATT for the forseeable future, and that coach Ricardo Liborio has been particularly helpful in preparing him.

Kimbo has been a professional MMA fighter for two years, but he acknowledged that his style hasn't changed much since his days as a street fighter: He's still primarily a stand-up brawler who's just trying to learn the basics of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

"I'm a hard puncher trying to learn the ground game," Kimbo said. "You can do a lot, but you can't master anything in two years. In mixed martial arts, the more you roll the more you learn. It's something I'm working on."

American Top Team is known for its strenuous strength and conditioning program, which pushes its fighters through grueling workouts. Kimbo said he's in good cardiovascular shape and weighing about 230 pounds, and he said he'd be capable of dropping down to 205 pounds if the UFC asks him to become a light heavyweight.

"I'm a heavyweight," Kimbo said. "But if the promoters want me to come down, heck yeah I'd give it a try."

In Kimbo's case, the promoter is UFC President Dana White, who spent much of 2007 and 2008 ripping Kimbo as a circus sideshow and not a legitimate athlete. Now that Kimbo is under contract to White, he says the two of them can work together amicably.

"it's not like we sit down together for tea and toast, but we're businessmen," Kimbo said. "He's a promoter and I'm a fighter. We do what we do."

Story credit: MMA FanHouse

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kimbo Slice Fights! TUF 10 Sneak Peak

Next week on The Ultimate Fighter Kimbo Slice will finally get the chance to prove himself when he fights Roy "Big Country" Nelson.

Video of Kimbo Slice fighting on TUF 10.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kimbo Slice has UFC staying power

The ratings for the first edition of Spike TV's "The Ultimate Fighter: The Heavyweights," doubled the popular reality fighting series' usual numbers, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White said Tuesday.

There were 4.1 million viewers for the show's debut, and another million watched the replay. The major draw of the show is Kimbo Slice, the former YouTube street-fighting sensation who had a brief run in the short-lived Elite Xtreme Combat fighting organization that aired fights on CBS.

Although filming for "The Ultimate Fighter" is complete -- except for the finale to be aired live in December, with the winner earning a six-figure contract and membership in the UFC -- White told The Times that whether Slice wins or loses during the competition, he'll be in the UFC.

"Are you going to see Kimbo Slice fight again in the UFC? Yes," White said.

Asked if that was a decision based on the first episode's ratings, White said: "No, never. The ratings do not influence our decision. The guy can either fight or not."

White said one of the strongest endorsements he received about Slice's skill in the octagon came from former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, who's a coach in the show and told White he wants to continue working with Slice at his elite MMA training compound directed by respected trainer Greg Jackson in New Mexico.

"We've been very impressed with Kimbo's performance," added UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta.

Story credit: LA Times Sports Blog

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kimbo Slice on TUF Tonight

Just a reminder that "The Ultimate Fighter 10" is on again tonight, and Kimbo Slice is one of the fighters.

It's only the second episode this season so even if you missed last week you still haven't missed much. Here's a recap of last week's episode if you need it: Kimbo Slice on Team Rampage Jackson

I'll keep you updated on what happens on tonight's episode of The Ultimate Fighter 10. You can find it first here on the Kimbo Slice Fighting Blog!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kimbo Slice On Team Rampage Jackson

Kimbo Slice was picked first by Rampage Jackson to be on his team (second overall) in the season opener of Ultimate Fighter 10. There's not much else to report on Kimbo because he didn't fight today and there was no drama surrounding him on this episode.

The first fight of the season was Abe Wagner vs Jon Madsen, and Madsen completely dominated in every aspect of the fight. He ended up winning by a unanimous decision. It was also one of the bloodiest UFC fights I have ever seen and all of it was from Wagner's head.

Watch Kimbo Slice on Ultimate Fighter 10 Tonight!

Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights -- Starts tonight September 16, 2009 at 10:00pm Eastern Time (9:00pm Central Time) on Spike TV.

It features a very high profile cast including former UFC fighters, IFL fighters, and NFL players. Of course, the cast also includes Kimbo Slice, who is already the most famous of them all despite not having accomplished as much as some of the other cast members.

Ultimate Fighter 10 Coaches:

* Rashad Evans
* Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

Ultimate Fighter 10 Fighters:

* Zak Jensen
* Marcus Jones
* Scott Junk
* Jon Madsen
* James McSweeney
* Matt Mitrione
* Roy Nelson
* Wes Sims
* Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson
* Demico Rogers
* Brendan Schaub
* Darrill Schoonover
* Wes Shivers
* Abe Wagner
* Justin Wren
* Mike Wessel

I haven't heard any leaked information about how Kimbo Slice faired during the taping. Hopefully he can hold his own and work his way into becoming a top level UFC fighter.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kimbo Slice Attempts to Fight His Way Onto UFC Roster

The upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter is easily the show's most anticipated ever. The main reason is simple: Kimbo Slice.

Slice is the polarizing figure who garnered mass attention just two years ago, rocketing up YouTube's most popular list for his Internet street fights. Then he embarked on a main-event run with the ill-fated EliteXC.

Now Slice goes from CBS main-event performer to wannabe fighter on UFC's reality show. The question is, has Slice's MMA game developed enough to be a UFC-caliber fighter? Judging from his last appearance in the cage, Slice has a lot of work to do in order to prove he belongs. He has taken the first step though, and that is his surprising participation in UFC's training camp.

Slice's participation in the UFC reality series came as something of a surprise when it was announced this summer, since he has already been featured in MMA main events on national television, and since UFC president Dana White publicly made negative comments about Slice in the past.

During Slice's run with EliteXC, White repeatedly challenged the rookie fighter's credibility. In February 2008, while Slice's popularity was near its peak, White was asked at a news conference about Slice's chances if he were to compete in the UFC.

"He would get hurt bad -- real bad," White said.

But White also said the only way Slice would ever get a chance to fight in the UFC would be to make his way through The Ultimate Fighter competition. To the surprise of many MMA fans and White himself, Slice accepted the opportunity.

"I respect Kimbo," White said. "He took me up on the offer and came in. He took me up on the challenge."

However, Slice is not the typical entrant on TUF. He already has an established following, and he has earned more money in MMA than all of the show's prior entrants. Due to his large appeal, the UFC has given Slice some special considerations.

"He has a contract if he wins this season," White said when asked about the money Slice will earn, "and it's bigger than everybody else's."

As for Slice's earnings for actually participating in TUF, White stated he is in the same boat with everyone else.

"They do get paid on The Ultimate Fighter, but it's just a reality show stipend," said White.

Now that he has agreed to do the high-profile show, Slice has to have some success in order to give his MMA career some credibility. His standing as a fighter was destroyed when he fell to the mat in just 14 seconds from a Seth Petruzelli jab.

As a participant on the second season of TUF, Petruzelli had some interesting views on how Slice will fare in the Ultimate Fighter house.

"I think he's going to go crazy on the show," Petruzelli said. "I can't seem him staying in the house and doing what we did like that."

More than just fighting on the show, Slice could have some additional problems to deal with due to the reputation he brings with him. The former street fighter can be flashy, even though he has not yet backed it up in the cage.

"I don't think the guys are going to like him, either, on the show because of who he is and the aura he portrays," Petruzelli said.

Just appearing on the program will not be an instant ticket to success for Slice. He has to win at least one fight and show that he is fully willing to "pay his dues" in the sport. The two coaches who will judge Slice's dedication during this season are Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans.

Two seasons ago, the coaches were heavyweights, just like Slice. Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira were the UFC stars training the fighters. A former UFC interim heavyweight champion, Nogueira is not completely convinced that Slice will succeed.

"His ground game is not there yet," Nogueira said. "He does have good hands. For UFC level, let's see how he's going to do."

In order to get to the UFC, Slice first has to survive training and living in the Ultimate Fighter house. One of last season's coaches, Dan Henderson, admits that he has heard good things about Slice.

"It will be interesting to see if he actually takes the training seriously and tries to learn," Henderson said. "Which, from what I'm hearing, he is trying to do."

Should Slice have been on last season's show, Henderson would not have had any issues coaching someone with such a large persona.

"Yes, I think anybody can coach him," Henderson said. "It's not up to the coach. It's up to the individual."

With his quick loss to Petruzelli on the second-to-last EliteXC show, Slice was exposed as not being a main-event level fighter -- even though EliteXC pushed him in that role. With his current opportunity to make the UFC roster, he has to build himself back up.

"He hasn't become an MMA fighter yet," Henderson said. "He's not there. He's been thrust into that limelight without the skills."

Now that the new season of the show is about to debut, all eyes will once again be on Kimbo Slice. Due to the ratings bonanza that will accompany his first actual UFC octagon appearance, Slice is getting what many fighters in the sport have not -- a second chance. Plus, Slice will have the advantage of not having to win the Ultimate Fighter tournament to make it to the UFC. He only has to demonstrate he can be somewhat competitive with a lower-level UFC fighter.

The big problem is this -- Seth Petruzelli was a lower-level UFC fighter. Therefore, if Slice wants to be successful on MMA's biggest stage, he will have to prove that he can do a lot more than just be competitive.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

UFC Tougher Than NFL (Marcus Jones)

When the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter debuts Wednesday night on Spike, most of the eyes will be on Kimbo Slice, the street fighter turned YouTube star who is trying to make it into the UFC. But Kimbo is far from the most accomplished athlete on the upcoming season.

That distinction belongs to Marcus Jones, a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end who was a first-round draft pick in 1996 and finished eighth in the NFL in sacks in 2000. Jones talked to FanHouse last week about why he made the transition from football to MMA, and why he thinks fighting in the Octagon is tougher than playing in the NFL.

Michael David Smith: What's more physically demanding, playing in the NFL or fighting in the Octagon?
Marcus Jones: Fighting in the Octagon is more demanding on your body. The pain that you go through over a short period of time, all the training that you have to do for just 15 minutes of fighting, to me, that's just incredibly difficult.

When did you decide you wanted to try MMA?
The biggest factor for me was the Tim Sylvia-Randy Couture fight (in March of 2007). I was 33 at the time and I saw that Couture just started fighting at 33 and was still great into his 40s. I didn't want to be that person who just spends his life standing on the sidelines, wondering, "What if?" so I started taking jiu jitsu classes at Gracie Tampa, and five months after that I had my first fight.

Do you have any regrets about how your athletic career has turned out, playing football through your 20s and now trying MMA? Do you wish you had tried MMA sooner?
I'm happy that I played football as long as I did. Any time you do a sport you enjoy, it's never a job, it's never work.
But I do wish I had started MMA at an earlier age. I ask myself, If I would have started jiu jitsu in my 20s, can you imagine what kind of fighter I'd be today? I'm a much better fighter now than I was during my first fight. In my first fight, I barely knew how to throw a jab. Now I feel comfortable fighting anybody.

Are you satisfied with your NFL career? You had one very good year with 13 sacks in 2000, but overall do you wish you had accomplished more?
I wish it would have turned out differently in the NFL, but you have to be comfortable with who you are. I knew early on that I wasn't the caliber of player of, say, a Simeon Rice. I also had a lot of injuries and that slowed me down. I loved college, and I loved playing in the NFL, but there came a point in my career where I knew it was time to move on. To move on to MMA is great because I've always watched it, I've always been a big fan of the sport. When I learn something new, it's exhilerating.

You're the most accomplished football player of this year's Ultimate Fighter cast, but there are other former football players as well. Did you talk to them about your experiences?
We talked a little bit about it. Some of the differences, some of the likes and dislikes. All the guys who were in the Ultimate Fighter house who played in the NFL truly love MMA. It's not like we're just toying with it.

Which sport do you like better, MMA or football?
Well, I loved playing college football, the camaraderie I had with my teammates there. I didn't feel as much of that in the NFL, but now I feel that with some of the guys I train with at Gracie Tampa, and with other MMA fighters. One of the things I like most about MMA is the camaraderie I've developed with other fighters.

Did you develop that camaraderie with other guys in the Ultimate Fighter house?
It was kind of hard to. There were some guys on the show that I really liked, but you have to understand, this is a competition. There's only one Ultimate Fighter. At any moment you might have to fight someone you're training with. You might have to fight someone you bonded with. I don't want to become really good friends with someone and then have to get in the cage with him and beat him down.

Kimbo Slice is obviously the most famous guy on this season, but he's also one of the least-accomplished professional athletes on the show: He hasn't accomplished nearly as much in MMA as someone like Roy Nelson, or nearly as much in other sports as someone like you. Did anyone resent the fact that he's more famous even though he hasn't really done much as a professional athlete?
I never felt that because, realistically speaking, I was just elated to be on the show. I wasn't there to get attention, I was just there to fight. I think other guys felt that way, too. And at the end of the day, we were all there trying to become the Ultimtae Fighter. No matter what you had done before, that's what we were there for.

Tell me an NFL player who you think would be good at MMA.
I think Simeon Rice would be a really good MMA fighter. Not only is he a good athlete, he's a nimble athlete. He can move, he has the kind of flexibility you need for jiu jitsu, he has the power. I think he'd be a good MMA fighter.

Have you kept in touch with Simeon? Do you know if he has any interest?
No, I don't think so. I think he'd be good but as far as I know he's not planning to do it.

On the flip side, do you think there are fighters in the UFC who could play in the NFL?
There's a lot of guys who fight who are good enough athletes. It's all the direction you go in with your life. A lot of guys in high school focus on football and go toward the NFL, or others might focus on wrestling or martial arts and go toward the UFC.

You mentioned that you started at 33, the same age as Randy Couture. But he's a freak of nature -- most athletes can't keep going into their mid- or late-40s. How much longer do you think you can fight?
I would like to fight as long as my body holds up and as long as I'm winning more than I'm losing. Right now I'm in the best shape of my life, I'm probably one of the strongest fighters because I was a strong NFL player and I've maintained my strength. I don't have a background in fighting like a lot of these other guys have, so every day in MMA I'm learning something new. I don't have a background in fighting or anything, so that's why I'm constantly improving.

Did you ever take martial arts or anything as a kid?
No. No background at all. The first time I threw a punch was the first time I took a striking class at Gracie Tampa. The first time I sparred with another guy he tore my face up because I didn't even know how to punch.

Kimbo got his start in street fights. Have you ever been in a street fight?
No, I was always the kid who tried to do the right thing. My dad always told me to carry myself right and not get into trouble. I tried to stay out of trouble as much as I possibly could.

What were Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans like as coaches?
It was just great to be around two guys who are both very accomplished in MMA. That's where I'm trying to get to. I'm just starting out in this sport, and I hope I can get to where they are.

Story Credit: MMA Fanhouse

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Kimbo Slice the Best Fighter in the World?

Considering this is a Kimbo Slice blog, my answer the to question in the title of this post might surprise you. However, if you read the entire post you will realize the reason for it.

Street fighting sensation Kimbo Slice rose to fame a couple years ago when his backyard brawls became extremely popular on YouTube and other online sites. His popularity on the internet quickly turned into a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting career for Kimbo Slice, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson.

Kimbo Slice is mainly known for his backyard brawls posted on the internet but he is now training in MMA and is also a new member of the biggest organization in the sport, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

If you randomly asked an average person walking by you on the sidewalk who the best fighter in the world is, there is a good chance they would say Kimbo Slice. The reason is simply that he is very well known among the majority of people who don't really follow MMA or know much about it. As far as most people are concerned, Kimbo Slice is the toughest guy out there.

So, is Kimbo Slice the best fighter in the world?

The answer is undoubtedly NO!

Sure, he was a great street fighter, backyard brawler or whatever you want to call it. But the fact is he was fighting nobody's in those fights. Any top level UFC fighter would destroy Kimbo Slice 9 times out of 10 right now. Actually most mid level UFC fighters would beat him if they fought right now.

However, Kimbo is training hard at MMA and he does have a big head start over most fighters just getting into the sport because of his natural fighting ability and raw toughness. He may soon become the best fighter in the world and silence all the critics. It's certainly possible and definitely not out of the question.

Keep an eye on Kimbo Slice because he's already tough as nails and the more MMA training he gets the tougher he's going to be. This is a man on a mission and a force that shouldn't be ignored!