Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kimbo Slice Fighting on TUF Again?

Tonight's episode of The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights was a fairly dramatic one.

It looks like Kimbo Slice might actually get a shot to come back and fight. I know this has already been a possibility before but I think it's much more likely this time. Matt Mitrione either really is injured or is just pretending to be hurt because he's a pussy. Either way Kimbo Slice appears to be the one that will take his place if he can't fight.

The fight between Justin Wren and Roy Nelson was a pretty good one as there was decent action with some good shots landed from both sides. Roy Nelson ended up winning by majority decision but everyone agreed it should have gone a 3rd round to decide the fight because it was too close to call.

I assumed that Roy Nelson was a great fighter based on his resume coming into TUF 10 but from what I have seen so far between his fight against Kimbo Slice and now against Justin Wren, he isn't very impressive at all. One thing that's for sure is that Roy thinks he's a better fighter than his performances show. Even when he wins it looks weak.

With a little more work I think Kimbo Slice will definitely be a better MMA and UFC fighter than Roy Nelson or Justin Wren.