Thursday, June 4, 2009

Newest Ultimate Fighter is Kimbo Slice

Kimbo SliceIt looks like Kimbo Slice is going to be competing on the 10th season of "The Ultimate Fighter" on Spike TV.

There are several reports that Kimbo Slice is in Las Vegas right now filming the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, which will have Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson as the head coaches.

Kimbo heading to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) would be huge for his MMA fighting career. The UFC is the top place to be if you are a MMA fighter and it's obviously where every fighter wants to be.

I think having Kimbo Slice on the ultimate fighter is a very good move for the show. It should dramatically increase the viewers and ratings because whether you like him or not, he has a ton of fans and brings in a lot of attention to the sport.

The biggest irony of Kimbo Slice joining the UFC is that the president, Dana White, has publicly ridiculed him on a number of occasions when was fighting for EliteXC. Now he has Kimbo on his side. Pretty funny if you ask me!

So, what do you think, was the move to sign Kimbo Slice onto The Ultimate Fighter a smart one?

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