Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kimbo Slice Got Rocked

Kimbo Slice was knocked out in 14 seconds last night by Seth Petruzelli.

Seth stepped in at the last minute to fight Kimbo Slice because his scheduled opponent, Ken Shamrock, was hurt working out earlier in the day.

Seth Petruzelli caught Kimbo with a punch on the jaw and when he fell to his knees, Petruzelli delivered several punches that caught a defenseless Slice. The referee was forced to step in and stop the fight. This was the first time he has been defeated in his MMA career.

What does this mean now for Kimbo Slice? Is he really just all hype? Is his professional fighting career already over before it even had a chance to really get started? All I know is that this definitely was a big setback for his MMA career.

I'm sure he will come back and fight again but I am not sure he will be so highly regarded until he can prove himself against a worthy opponent.

It really would have been good to see him fight Ken Shamrock. Maybe they will fight sometime soon.

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